Chantal (fuschia_rose) wrote,

Server Troubles

I haven't been able to upload anything to my website for God-knows how long because I've been having trouble with the server or something ever since I switched to a new computer running Windows Vista (damn you Microsoft).  It's not as if I stopped drawing during this time, I just haven't been able to upload anything!! My website is all screwed up as well and I don't know what happened :(

The good news however, is that during my absence from this particular blog Joel and I have launched a new illustrated letterpress stationery company named Papillon Press and we've been busy bees. We hired a web designer who made us a really fancy website (WAY beyond anything I could do) and we have a new blog for the company as well.

You might want to check it out:
Papillon Press website
Papillon Press blog
Papillon Press Facebook Fan Page
Papillon Press Twitter
Papillon Press on Flickr

We definitely have every aspect of social networking covered!
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