Chantal (fuschia_rose) wrote,

Two commissions

These are my two most recent commissions:

1. The only criteria for this first one was that I use a specific tea set that the client used whilst on vacation in England. It was super fun to draw because it was a really charming tea set (and you all know how much I love teapots!). I took a bit of artistic license with Trafalgar Square in the background. The client loved it because it reminded her of her time in England and having tea with her daughter

Ink & pencil crayon on Stonehenge. 9x12.

2. This most recent painting was commissioned as a birthday present for the client's husband. The criteria was that the husband should be in the painting in his favourite canoe, but it shouldn't be a portrait of him. The lake should also be recognizable as their cottage's lake. They sent me great reference photos of the lake with amazing clouds so I decided to incorporate a bunch of different things together to make this landscape. The client's husband wrote to me later to say that he loved the painting because it reminded him of his youth as a canoe instructor and the painting will be hanging over the mantle in their cottage.

Acrylic on canvas. 24x36.

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